The Nyadire Connection (TNC), based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a faith-based, non-profit organization that seeks to support and sustain the Nyadire United Methodist Mission in northeastern rural Zimbabwe, Africa.  The Nyadire Mission offers a hospital, nursing school, school system, orphanage, teachers’ college, farm, and many other services to the surrounding community.


  • The need is URGENT!
  • 100% volunteer – no staff or overhead.  Every $ goes to the progam
  • Nyadire PULLS – TNC ENABLES.  The people receiving the support identify what’s needed.
  • Results driven   - a “hand up,” not a “hand out.” Goal is sustainable independence.
  • Feedback  - supporters know what happens. Photos, letters, reports, opportunity to travel there.
  • Long term focus – we learn what works and what does not.  We go back all the time.

TNC was founded in 2006 after a Volunteer in Mission team of 18 Pittsburghers traveled to Nyadire.  The team provided medical and pastoral care, conducted a Vacation Bible School, and converted a dormitory into individual rooms at the Nurses’ Training School. The team members felt that support to Nyadire should be ongoing and more in depth and wanted to develop a partnership and facilitate relationships between friends in the U.S. and Nyadire.  The team felt TNC could interpret needs as expressed by Zimbabweans in Nyadire, identify needs in additional areas and provide support.

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The Nyadire Connection meets monthly at Christ United Methodist Church, 44 Highland Road, Bethel Park, PA to discuss the situation in Zimbabwe, review our budget, examine current status of ongoing programs, update projects, discuss future opportunities, and plan events and fundraisers.  Meetings are open and all are welcome.


As a non-profit, TNC seeks to:

  • educate Americans and Zimbabweans to the plight of those at Nyadire and Zimbabweans and enable relationships that equally benefit all involved.
  • advocate for those who have little voice – the orphans, the poor, the sick;
  • provide resources, both financial and otherwise, thus enabling Nyadire Mission to deliver services which are depended upon by 1000’s while creating independence, not dependence.


TNC sponsors 13 ongoing programs:

  1. Doctor and General Medical Support
  2. Maintenance of Medicine Supply at Nyadire Hospital and Clinics
  3. HOME OF HOPE Orphanage
  4. HOME OF HOPE Outreach School Sponsorships
  5. Pastor Partnerships
  6. Ocean Container Shipments
  7. Seeds of Hope
  8. Christmas Connection
  9. O-Level Textbook Program
  10. Micro-Loan Program
  11. Volunteer in Mission Trips
  12. Farm Revitalization              
  13. Rural Clinics Renovation