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About Us

The Nyadire Connection meets monthly at Christ United Methodist Church, 44 Highland Road, Bethel Park, Pa.  We discuss the situation in Zimbabwe, review our budget, the current status of ongoing programs, update our projects, discuss future opportunities, and plan events and fundraisers.  Meetings are open & all are welcome.

TNC sponsors 11 ongoing programs:

  1. Salary support to keep a doctor at Nyadire Hospital – Many professionals with education and opportunity have fled Zimbabwe.  TNC provides a monthly “top up salary” to insure a doctor is appointed to the Nyadire Hospital.  Contributions to TNC to help with this ongoing expense are needed.

  2. Maintaining medicine supply at Nyadire Hospital – Without outside support, the hospital at Nyadire frequently has no medicines in stock.  TNC works with Nyadire to define what drugs/medicines are needed and places an order approximately each 6 months.  Medicines are typically ordered and air freighted into Nyadire from the organization “MAP International–Medical Assistance Programs”; http://www.map.org Average cost per order is $15,000 and financial help is always needed.  In addition, teams also hand carry donated medical supplies on each visit to Nyadire.

  3. Support the Home of Hope Orphanage – This orphanage at Nyadire is home to 25+ orphans and TNC covers the entire cost of operation by connecting 3 sponsors to each child.  Comprehensive monthly expenses include all staff salaries, home maintenance, food, clothing, supplies, medical cost, and school fees.  The “mothers”, “aunties” and family like environments create a very loving home for these special children.  Sponsors provide $30/MONTH and will receive photos, letters, and the opportunity for an ongoing personal relationship with their child. Contact Mary Beth Zollars at mbzollars@aol.com or Elsa Zollars at elsazz@verizon.net.  You can also contact TNC at info@nyadire.org .

  4. Home of Hope Outreach (HOHO) –  There are millions of orphans in Zimbabwe – one in every four children.  Most live with extended family, a friend, or even as “child led households”.  Education is not free, and without financial support most of these children will not remain in school.  TNC connects sponsors with orphans in the Nyadire region enabling their education through 1) payment of school fees, 2) provision of a backpack filled with school supplies 3) regular contact with the donor through a Pen Pal relationship.  $75/year is the cost plus providing a backpack that TNC will deliver specifically to the child you sponsor.  A donation of $100 makes you a school sponsor, with TNC providing the backpack and school supplies. Sponsors are desperately needed – the more sponsors we have, the more children will go to school.  Contact Mary Beth Zollars at mbzollars@aol.com or Elsa Zollars at elsazz@verizon.net.  You can also contact TNC at info@nyadire.org .

  5. Pastor Sponsorships   Dudzai Mutsikwi is a United Methodist pastor in the Kowo Circuit of the Mutoko-Mudzi District.  This district has 29 pastors located within the region of Nyadire Mission.  Dudzai has a wife Priscilla, a son named Tinashe (age 7) and an infant son named Mukudzeishe which means “give praise or glory to God”.  He serves a rural circuit with 3 churches and he is Youth, Children and Young Adults District Director as well.  He covers his circuit by foot and bicycle.  He cannot afford a car.  But he is a dedicated and loyal servant of God.  He and his family raise pigs and part of the proceeds of the sale of the pigs helps with the school fees for the children who attend the school in his circuit.  His salary is not great, but out of his meager funds he still gives to those who have less.  They are the Macedonians in today’s world (2 Corinthians 8:2).  The money we as sponsors send each month means a great deal to these pastors.

To sponsor a pastor is very simple.  First of all (as in all things) pray, and we ask that you commit to:

  • Walk next to that pastor and his/her family in prayer.
  • Provide a monthly donation of $20.  TNC collects and distributes these funds to your pastor each month.
  • Establish a regular correspondence with the pastor

The last step is so very much appreciated by the pastors and their families.  It gives them encouragement and a sense of connection.  You become part of their extended family and family is important to them.  In addition, they are praying for you and your family faithfully.  If you would like to sponsor a pastor or would like more information, please contact Becky Marshall by email at rebeccamarshall3@gmail.com

6. Ocean Container Shipments – Many items urgently needed in Nyadire are available here either thru donations or at much reduced cost.  The problem is transportation – it is 8600 miles from Pittsburgh to Nyadire and transport by 40’ long ocean container is the only cost effective solution.  Handling and shipping fees are $15,000 per container with a transit time of 4 to 6 months.  The objective is to send items that Nyadire specifically requires and requests, rather than simply gifting of personal articles. 

TNC maintains a storage facility to accumulate items until a container shipment is scheduled and sends 1 or 2 containers each year.Examples include X-Ray equipment, a refurbished surgical table, diverse medical supplies, books to enable a community library, computers to operate departments and to initiate an Internet Café, 6000 pair of Croc Shoes, sports equipment for the schools, vehicle parts, hospital beds, maintenance & garden tools, new clothing, printed medical forms, paper, refrigerators, bicycles, sewing machines, home healthcare kits and more.If you have items to donate, or access to organizations that provide medical or educational supplies please contact TNC at info@nyadire.org .  Your financial donations are always needed in support of this ministry.

7.  Seeds of Hope - The food supply in Zimbabwe is always very fragile, and depending on the rains, securing enough food to eat is a daily struggle.  Gardens and whatever food individuals can grow have become crucial for many.  Each year, TNC provides packets of seeds and a "fertilizer fund" that enable individuals and departments at Nyadire to plant a garden.  These seeds provide much of the food for the kids at the Home of Hope orphanage, plus the kids themselves do the work and learn how to maintain a garden.  Gardens have fed the hospital patients & staff, school children, college students, and of course families.  Common vegetables are the best, but any vegetable can be tried.  

The seasons are reversed, so November is planting time in Zimbabwe, and any seeds that may be extra or left over from the season here can be used.  Seeds are generally needed by Sept so that we can deliver to Nydire by November, which is the start of the Zimbabwe planting season.  Can you help contact local businesses for donations or help us collect?  We hope to send thousands of seed packets!

8.  Christmas Cards -  Each year, The Nyadire Connection provides a Christmas Card with a $20 bill inside to people working at the Nyadire United Methodist Mission.  Typically this has been to the 200 people of the Hospital, the Home of Hope Orphanage, and the Pastors, but if funds allow, we hope to send to all employees of Nyadire.  Funds mostly come from an appeal to those who want to participate rather than general TNC funds.

 Each individual card is addressed to an individual, and signed.  Such a personal  greeting reinforces the growing connection we have with the people of Nyadire.  In a country where most people lucky enough to work receive $100/month, a gift of $20 is very, very special.  Perhaps most importantly is the morale boost and the expression of caring for our friends who continue to live in a very difficult situation.  Liberty UMC of Washington, Pa. coordinates this program.

9. O- Level Textbook Program - The Zimbabwe educational system requires students to pass milestone exams in order to advance, and one of the most critical milestones is "O Level". However, the preparation books required to prepare for these exams are very limited or simply not available. Many, many students might have to share one book. TNC is establishing a fund that headmasters of the Home of Hope Outreach schools will use to purchase these textbooks. Books are needed for each subject and we plan to purchase books for one subject each year. The target for the initial fund is $5000 which will purchase 500 English Books. Students that use the books will perform service work as 9 recognition for provision of the books. For example students might tutor younger children, help at the Home of Hope Orphanage, or do maintenance work at a school facility. We hope to continually expand the program to include more schools, more levels, and more subjects.

10. Micro Loan Program - In a country with almost 90% unemployment, there is limited opportunity for people to earn urgently needed funds. The crisis of 2008 when Zimbabwe experienced the highest inflation the world has ever known also wiped out any savings people might have accumulated. The concept of a "Micro Loan" is to make a small amount of money available to people with financially viable business ideas. Applications are submitted to the Nyadire Micro Loan Committee and if approved, the loan must then be repaid within 6 months. Loans are $500 or less. The program was piloted in summer 2010 with two loans:
1. $300 was loaned to Simon who used it to purchase a cow, slaughter it, and sell the steaks at a profit. These funds allowed Simon to keep his wife and children in school and he has also purchased another cow.
2. $350 was loaned to Letitsia who used it to purchase chicks, raise them to adult chickens, and profitably sell them as "broilers".

Both loans were successful, repaid on schedule, and the funds are now available to be loaned out again. We plan to increase the loan fund available to $5000 and therefore greatly increase the number of loan

11. Volunteers In Mission Trips Nothing provides more understanding and passion for the people and situation of Zimbabwe than being there.  You will contribute and help, but also expect an enriching and life changing personal experience.  TNC organizes 3 or 4 team trips each year.  Join Us!  Details are on the VIM trip section of this website.

TNC Individual Projects
In addition to these 9 ongoing programs, TNC also supports many specific projects as prioritized by Nyadire.  Examples include refurbishment of the Mission Water System, provision of vehicles, provision & distribution of mosquito nets, construction of a hospital storeroom, rejuvenation of the Farm, creation of a community library, initiation of an Internet Café, repair of hospital equipment, and much more.  Financial help is needed for these urgent projects.  Specific funds are needed to complete the Water System which will finally bring running water back to Nyadire.